Nos FormationsVotre succès est notre objectif

Continuing education

Objectives :

  • Allow any person to complete or redirect a career.
  • Participate in economic and social development of our country.
  • Maintain partnership relations to evolve continuously and lead to new developments in terms of continuing education.

For who ?

  • Serving individuals, employees of public or private sector, unemployed, self-employed artisans, traders and professionals.
  • Serving businesses to match skills, develop innovative capabilities and promote the transfer of technology.
  • Serving the communities to complete their training.

At your service

  • A shelter, information, guidance and advice.
  • A validation of professional experience.

The training center AL-inara has the honor to welcome you to the functions within the program continues under the supervision of our competent in all disciplines of training cadres:

  • Specialties paramedical
    • Nursing
    • Preparer laboratory in medical biology
    • Medical officers in anesthesia and resuscitation
    • Childcare
    • Midwife
    • Caregiver
    • Aid
    • Dietetic
    • Assistant Agent in geriatrics

  • Specialties in IT
    • Telecommunications Computer option
    • Telecommunication networks option
    • secretariat
    • IT Management
    • Executive Assistant
    • Medical secretary
    • Customer advisor
    • Medical Secretary
    • Computer Maintenance

  • Electronic specialties
    • Maintenance appliances
    • Electromechanics
    • Toymaker wireman electrician

Also we guarantee you all the specialties in the context of continuing education containing the program, trainers and vitaes curriculums.

Catalogue Inara Formation See the attachment for further education

Nos partenaires

  • ATB
  • BIAT
  • Poste Tunisienne
  • Elkron
  • iae tunis


Place Jeanne D'arc, 19, Rue Mauritanie 1002 – Tunis, Belvédère.