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Formation of English tourist

Formation of English tourist


International travel is difficult without English. Even if the country you are visiting is not Anglophone, you will need English to communicate with the staff at the hotel, the immigration service at the airport, the taxi drivers and people in the street. Travel is a wonderful opportunity to practice English in real situations.

So before you pack your bags, check out our material about English trip and review the phrases you'll need. We have compiled a wide collection of references, including lessons on the regional variations of English, guides to unusual destinations and useful English phrases of English tourism allowing you to plan your stay abroad.

Educational objectives of training English From Tourism

This training helps you to be more effective in yhe part of your duties through real private lessons of English tourist.If you are a beginner you can quickly obtain assurance and foundation, intermediate to review, improve or maintain a good level of fluidity or advanced for perfect yourself thanks to our English teachers.

Topics covered in the training of tourism English course content is adapted according to needs of each student.

Some professional topics:

  • Learn how to introduce themselves and their business.
  • Arrange appointments and trips.
  • Gather opinions, make suggestions.
  • Provide advice to verify the information.
  • Describe and compare numbers and trends.
  • Handle phone calls.
  • Participate in meetings and conferences calls.
  • Make presentations.
  • negotiate.

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