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Household AL-Inara

AL INARA household

AL INARA household is a private home located at 7 rue de India Lafayette Tunis. Our focus provides students comfortable, spacious and it is located near the city center. It allows students to easily integrate with a group.

A highly qualified team

the founder of the household and its officers are highly qualified academics.

Competence and motivated

A competence and motivated staff with experience in the field of coaching.

Our capacities

Our household can accommodate between 67 and 70 students.

  • Single : 3
  • Double room : 5
  • Triple : 18

Nos partenaires

  • ATB
  • BIAT
  • Poste Tunisienne
  • Elkron
  • iae tunis


Place Jeanne D'arc, 19, Rue Mauritanie 1002 – Tunis, Belvédère.